From water sports to bird watching, Kaiuma Bay
offers endless opportunities to explore, discover and enjoy NZ’s native outdoors.



The Marlborough Sounds is an adventure playground for the thrill-seeker,food gatherer or for those interested in conservation and nature.

The consented Kaiuma Bay marina offers opportunities to moor your launch or family boat.  Please enquire here about securing a berth.

All kinds of boats are suited to Kaiuma Bay as it is a protected waterway, although tidal, very rarely experiences any large waves, making it ideal for canoes, kayaks, small sailboats and water-ski-ing etc.

The bay is safe for family fun, and the wider Pelorus Sound offers sheltered beaches, water-ski lanes for the more adventurous, spectacular scenery that can only be reached by sea, and an abundance of yacht moorings.

Tidal information for Havelock can be found at MetService.

If you are planning to locate a larger vessel in the Marlborough Sounds, more information on marinas is available at Marlborough Marinas.

The bay offers safe shallow water fun for families.  The inner Sounds offers safe and enjoyable kayaking adventures and it’s only a quick drive to Anakiwa to kayak the Queen Charlotte Sounds.  Dedicated water ski lanes can be located in the nearby Keneperu Sounds.

Hiking opportunities are only a short distance from Kaiuma Bay. You can choose the iconic Nydia Bay tramp, or head up the Pelorus Valley into stunning native bush and snow capped mountains.

The Pelorus Sounds offers many stunning dive sites and you will easily find Scallops, Oysters and Mussels.  There are large Kingfish circling the many mussel farms and Crayfish and Paua can be found towards the Pelorus entrance.

The Pelorus Sound is renowned for its large Snapper with 20+kg catches reported every year, close to and even within, Kaiuma Bay. Nearby Keneperu Sound is a favourite spot with the locals.

Blue Cod can be found a short boat ride further out into the Sound and scallops can be gathered, particularly from North West Bay and Ketu Bay, towards the Pelorus entrance.

Kingfish chase the Snapper close to shore and are an exciting game fish as the weather warms up.

The Kingfisher was chosen as the emblem of Kaiuma Bay for good reason.  This bird along with Heron and even gannets thrive on the small baitfish teeming in the bay.

In the trees above, native birds such as Bellbird, Tui, Kereru (native wood pigeon), Fantail and Tomtit are a common sight on resident’s properties.  Their dawn chorus is a delight to awake to. Planting native trees such as Kowhai and Flax provides valuable nectar for these curious birds.

The ground dwelling, Weka, is also common and can often be an unannounced, but entertaining, visitor at evening barbeques.

The Marlborough Sounds Maritime Park is popular for deerstalking with animal numbers climbing due to light hunting pressure.

Captain Cook introduced pigs to New Zealand in 1773 when he made three liberations in the neighbouring Queen Charlotte Sound.  They are now widespread throughout the Park and frequently spotted in the conservation land bordering Kaiuma Bay.

Goats are also widespread across the Sounds.